Art Slow

Äärimmäisen hidas tuotantoyhtiö

Production company for documentary films.

Art Slow (est. 2008) is run by film maker Eero Heinonen. Main focus is documentary films but other genres of film and TV are welcome too.

Company is based in two cities Helsinki-Finland and Sydney-Australia. We have shot previously in Finland, Germany, Iceland, India, Mexico, Nepal, Russia, UK, USA. Art Slow produced documentary "Making of Black Roses" in 2008. It follows rock group The Rasmus with producer Desmond Child. Artist documentaries  "Chisu - Sen Näkee Silmistä" (2012)  and "Dance For Two" (2015) followed. Environment plays often important role in these screen stories.

Heinonen has done assistant directing in feature fiction (, sound recordist (, and behind-the-scenes (, and many cinematography works.

In present moment, Art Slow is developing/ shooting several documentary films. 

We rent Red Epic-Dragon 6K camera kit and Cooke S4i and Lomo prime lenses.


+61 (0) 422448250

+358 407450685

Contact: Art Slow +61422448250

Jousimiehentie 10M94, 00740 Helsinki Finland - VAT code: FI-218 2657-3

eerohei(a) +358-40-745-0685 - Finland

8 Lindsay St. 2134 Sydney NSW Australia - ABN code: 46743788380

eerohei(a) +61 (0) 422 448250 - Australia

Previous works

We've got precious collaborations in the past. Here are some of our friends who we hold in high regard.

Aku Louhimies and WWII film: Art Slow makes behind-the-scenes documentary for Tuntematon Sotilas 2017.

Aku Louhimies directed music video The Rasmus - Stranger and Eero produced it.

Jesse Haaja: Director of action film Rendel. Eero was the 1st assistant director.

Ville Tanttu, a mentor in cinematic storytelling. We did short film Walker together in Nepal in 2011.

Chisu: Art Slow documentary series about her life and music in 2012 at AVA-MTV3, Co-directed w/ Jenni Kaunisto.

Tuukka Temonen: 8-episode series called Afghanistan for Finnish Sub-TV w/ Tuukka 2011. Eero was sound recordist.

Rosa Karo: Director of fiction feature The Italian Key. Eero was sound recordist in the film.

Adam Darius: Mime artist and dancer is protagonist in documentary film Dance For Two.

Ville Lipiäinen: videos "Elan" Nightwish, "Call Me" PAIN, "Racing Heart" Lazy Bonez and many live concerts.

The Rasmus and our co-works:  (Immortal) (Your Forgiveness)

Red Epic-Dragon 6K for rent: Brain, touch screen, 5 V-lock batteries, PL mount, Canon EF mount,  3x128GB ssd cards. 

550,- € / day 0%vat - -  900,- AUD / day.

Vintage Lomo prime lenses that cover 4-perf super 35MM, 

Cooke S4i mini - 25mm focal length, aperture 2.8.

For rental, contact

Lomo PL mount prime lenses 35MM: 18mm f2.8,  28mm f2.3,  35mm f2.3,  40mm f2.5 (two),  50mm f1.2,  75mm f2.1 (two),  100mm f2.2 

In Colombia with Revive Finland. Revive does beautiful NGO projects.